About Us

About Us

Keep Me Drinking™ is all about having fun in life.

  • Does your fun include having drinks during live music and/or sporting events?
  • Does your fun include hydrating for daily workouts and running a 5K on the weekend?
  • Does your fun include going on a brewery tour and trying new beers?
  • Does your fun include drinking wine on the patio on a summer day?
  • Does your fun include having cocktails on a beach during a vacation?

Whatever your fun may be, we tend to hydrate to dehydrate.


KMD is all about having fun and that also means giving back. We’ve made monetary donations and have given raffle baskets to breast cancer research, animal rescues, and local events & fundraisers. We will continue to give back as a token of appreciation for all the support our small business receives.

The Story

Owner Noe Pacheco always had the dream of owning a clothing brand.

While enjoying some beverages with friends, the phrase “keep me drinking” popped up.

With an entrepreneurial mindset, Noe asked himself if the saying could be a brand overall, and after a couple years that’s when Keep Me Drinking™ was officially created.

The online shop now carries various shirts, hoodies, and hats, and is expanding thanks to friends, family, and KMD supporters.

The brand wouldn’t exist without the fun loving Wisconsinites, and it continues to gain momentum across the US. So, the story goes on…

Based in Muskego, Wisconsin, USA