Hydration is key for you physically and mentally in life. It helps keep your body temperature regulated, assists with muscle fatigue, prevents headaches, helps digesting food and can keep you stay in a positive mood.

Gone are the days of replenishing your thirst with a good ole drink from the water hose. We have so many options to stay hydrated these days. But what is the most important thing to drink after an intense workout or night out?

Well let’s start with the alternatives…

Sport/Energy Drinks

Most of us want to reach for a Gatorade or Powerade with all of the aggressive advertising we receive during sporting events. Having our favorites athletes quench their thirst with a bright colored bottle tends to make us think that’s the right choice. It is for Does this truly replenish what are body needs?

Sports Drinks actually offset the calories we during a good gym outing. Depending on the drink, a it may around 100 calories in 16 oz. With added ingredients, even a sports drink with no sugar may have artificial sweeteners.

Plant Water

Plant water seems to be a trend, but what does it really do for hydration? The cactus and coconut type drinks claim to hydrate more than water, but unfortunately that’s not 100% true. They are lower in sugars compared to a sports drink.

For example, Coconut water has up to 65 calories and up to 14 grams of sugars in 8 oz.

Water with Vitamins

Don’t overload your body with vitamins especially if you take multivitamins, certain types of foods or any type of supplement. A quick workout or feeling overwhelmed by heat doesn’t mean you have to replenish your vitamins.


Water has always been the most important drink you can have after a workout or night out. You can add sliced fruit to your ice water for added flavor. This will also help keep you away from sugary drinks.

Consult your primary physician if you have any questions about hydration.